Events in My Home In Martinique, French West Indies

Martinique, the ultimate holiday destination, is also the destination for a holiday full of party! Throughout the year, the island lives at the pace of festivals, sports games, concerts and other festivities. So many opportunities to discover local specialties, whether craft, culinary, cultural or sports.

The inevitable event of Martinique is of course the Carnival. In Fort-de-France (as elsewhere), it is a real institution: men disguise themselves as women and vice versa, for ludicrous marriages; the day of Mardi Gras is the grand parade in black and red; Ash Wednesday sees King Vaval (the King of Carnival, who takes a different form each year) to burn at the stake in order to exorcise the worries of the year. Huge popular festival, the Carnival Martinique is not to be missed!

Another great moment of sharing not to be missed: the Christmas period and the famous \"Chanté Nwel\": choirs sing hymns revisited in Creole style, a real moment of happiness!

The Fort-de-France Cultural Festival is another major event on the Martinique artistic agenda: you will be able to enjoy, at the beginning of July, concerts, shows, exhibitions, dances and parades.

Those who are passionate about Film will visit the February Short Film Festival, while music lovers will be able to discover Les Musiciennes in Martinique in early spring.

For a dive into the traditions of the island, run the patronal festivities of the different villages. That of Anses d'Arlet takes place at the beginning of July and is a pretext for many animations.

Gourmets and gourmands are not left out: the Vauclin Crab Fair is held in spring in the village of the same name, and the Trinité show will allow you to discover the typical dishes of the North-East of the island.

Finally, athlete or not, do not miss the various tournaments of yoles, great moments of celebration that see men being in communion with the waves, in these colorful boats, real invitations to travel. All those events will please whoever decides to spend a holiday in Martinique.