Practical information about My Home In Martinique

Martinique in a few

Contrast land, between volcanic mountains and turquoise waters, Martinique makes you dream thanks to its sandy beaches and lush vegetation. Its villages scattered along the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts, with their colorful houses, lively markets and idyllic seashores, attract every year many visitors who are looking for sun, nature and authenticity. Martinique has found the perfect balance between history and modernity, tourism and respect for its identity. If the beaches of the South-West of the island are the most frequented, the villages which border them has managed how to preserve their soul. For a stay off the beaten track, choose the Atlantic coast (the North, in particular, much wilder). Whether you are a lover of relaxation, scuba diving, hiking or cultural discoveries, whether you like the beaches of blond sand or black sand, deserted or lined with small restaurants, whether you are passionate about sailing boat or sailing engine, Martinique is for you! Discover all its treasures by choosing a holiday rental on our site My home in Martinique.

How do I get there?

The easiest way to come to Martinique is of course the plane. But you can also opt for the cargo ship!

By plane: from the airports of Paris-Orly and Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, several companies offer daily flights. The journey takes about 8 hours. Martinique-Aimé Césaire International Airport is located in Lamantin, 12 kilometers south of Fort-de-France.

By cargo ship: are you looking for an original way to travel? Opt for the cargo ship! Several companies offer the route from the metropolis. The trip will be more expensive and, of course, longer than by plane (count about ten days), but you will bring back unforgettable memories of your crossing of the ocean!

When should I come?

If you want to take full advantage of the beach and good weather, prefer the dry season, from December to May. From June to December, the climate is very humid, showers are not rare, even if they last a short time - and it is also the season of cyclones ...

Good to know!

Martinique is a sunny island all year long. However the summer season can be particularly hot as there is almost no wind at all. During the winter season, the Alyzés, blowing from the Atlantic allow very nice temperature!