Tourism in My Home In Martinique

Martinique, its fine sandy beaches, its turquoise water, its coconut trees ... People  often come there for the idleness or the excursions in its exuberant nature, but then they come back with the memory of a contrasted ground, as beautiful as rich of history and cultures.

How not to talk about the beaches of Martinique? White sand, black sand, landscaped or wild, bordering villages or at the bottom of a cliff: there is something for everyone. On the South Caribbean coast, there are many paradisiacal beaches: long strips of white sand lined with coconut trees, they attract many visitors every year. Further north, they are wilder and sometimes more difficult to access: It is ideal to play Robinson!

Lovers of water sports, Martinique is your kingdom! The village of Marin, with its large marina, seduces yachting enthusiasts. Off the Preacher, La Perle is a volcanic rock well known for the lovers of diving. Near Grand-Rivière, the rainforest is a favorite playground for those who are passionate about canyoning.

As for the hikers, they, too, have so many choices : cross the coast to discover the different villages and beaches, walk through the mangroves, tropical forests or banana fields, climb on the slopes of Mount Pelee ...

For those who want to combine seaside pleasures and cultural discoveries, many museums and institutions are at their disposal to discover the history of places: museum and archaeological sites of Fort-de-France and Sainte-Anne, memorial of Anse Caffard , at the Diamond, erected in memory of the abolition of slavery, house of Josephine de Beauharnais at Trois-Ilets, and many others. Martinique is proud of its past, its traditions and, in each of its villages, you will find, for example, old distilleries, houses, typically Creole houses to visit.

Finally - but is it necessary to specify it? - Martinique has an extraordinary culinary heritage, which will give real pleasure to all palates. From the crayfish of Grand-Rivière to the soaking of the Trinity, go around the delights of the island! Choose your accommodation in Martinique with no more delay!